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About Air Zapper Brake Bleeders

Air Zapper is a division of Motobriiz LLC (pronounced “Moto Breeze”) , originally founded in 2013 as a manufacturer of products for motorcycles. We at Air Zapper love both motorcycles and cars and we are always searching for new and easier ways to work on them  Our products save money and time while allowing you more time to enjoy driving or riding your vehicle. We developed our Air Zapper vacuum brake bleeder with the home mechanic in mind.

Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit | Air Zapper Brake Bleeder Kit
Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit | Air Zapper Brake Bleeder Kit

Air Zapper provides a simple way to perform truly hands-free brake bleeding. Easy operation, but with no need for hand pumping or air compressors to bleed your brakes. 

Similarly, the Power Stick Brake Bleeder was developed for those who don't want to have to plug in. You have to pump (but much less) allowing you to still refill the reservoir without stopping the bleed.

We hope the Air Zapper Brake Bleeder products find a useful spot among your favorite and most useful tools.

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Air Zapper Deluxe Brake Bleeder in Case | electric brake bleeding
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Power Stick Vacuum Bleeder Pump Kit
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Air Zapper Brake Bleeder Pro Kit in Case