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Air Zapper Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit

Product Focus

Air Zapper Brake Bleeder Kit
  • Easy Set-Up

    Quick connect (1/4 turn) fittings and a universal bleed screw connector make tubing connections a snap. Set-up takes seconds.

  • Hands-Free Operation

    Small Vacuum Pump maintains a constant bleed vacuum, leaving you free to supervise the operation and keep the reservoir filled.

  • Large Capacity

    16 ounce fluid holding tank makes for long bleed times before needing to empty.

  • Simple Operation

    Easy On/Off switch in the electrical cord. Just connect the tubing, flip the switch and you are bleeding.

The Air Zapper Advantage


Instead of incessant pumping, you flip a switch and supervise the operation. You no longer need to stop bleeding to refill the reservoir.


Easy to adapt to cars, trucks, and SUVs. Also works great on motorcycle brakes or hydraulic clutches

Saves Time and Money

Available in Deluxe, Standard, or Hand Pump Versions for lightning fast bleeds. Keep your family safe and save money by doing it yourself and on costly repairs

Easy Vacuum Brake Bleeding

Watch how easy it is to do a complete fluid replacement using the Air Zapper Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit. Just flip a switch and bleed. Because it's hands free, you can fill the reservoir under the hood and not stop the bleed!

Do I really need to bleed?

If you have a need for speed, you really need to bleed to maintain your stopping power to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Air Zapper Use and Care

This is a quick video to show how to use the Air Zapper hands-free vacuum brake bleeder kit. Set-up is simple using the quick connect fittings. Just plug it in, flip the switch and you are bleeding.