Power Stick Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit


Bleeding brakes is simple with the right tool

Are you tired of... 
  • Trying to find a friend to incessantly pump your brake pedal
  • Opening and closing the bleeder screw until you are blue in the face
  • Incessant hand-pumping to fill your brake lines and components
  • Constantly stopping the bleed to check the reservoir
  • Paying a mechanic hundreds of dollars to do a simple job

You can absolutely bleed brakes like a professional. The Power Stick vacuum brake bleeder kit has everything needed to bleed brake fluid to keep your brake system air and moisture free. A very easy to use and economical solution.

  • One stroke pumps about 3X the volume of the normal handpump bleeder
  • You just pump the power stick about 10 times to bleed
  • The vacuum stays on the system even when you stop pumping
  • You supervise the operation and are free to refill the reservoir
  • You can easily do a quick bleed or a full fluid replacement with our brake bleeding vacuum pump kit


          Get the satisfaction of keeping your family safe and saving money at the same time.
          Let's get Bleeding today!

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