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Brake Bleeding Kit 


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Supervise the Operation

SuperVise the Operation

Brake Bleeding Done in Minutes

Our brake bleeding kit includes a vacuum pump, a collection reservoir, and all of fittings, adapters, and parts to connect to the brake system. The vacuum pump creates negative pressure, which draws old brake fluid and air out of the system, while the collection reservoir catches the fluid for disposal. The fittings and adapters ensure a tight seal between the vacuum pump and the brake system, preventing air from re-entering the system during the bleeding process. The Air Zapper brake bleeding kit is a comprehensive tool for removing old, contaminated brake fluid and ensuring proper brake performance for both automobiles and motorcycles. This will be one of your favorite tools.

 a good brake bleeding kit keeps a firm pedal

Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Experts recommend replacing your fluid every couple of years due to moisture absorption which lowers the boiling point of your fluid. Air pockets or boiling fluid can make your brakes fail. Air Zapper motorcycle brake bleeding kit makes it so easy.

 Air Zapper brake bleeding kit helps keep a firm pedal | brake bleeding tool
brake bleeding kit adapter

Flip the Switch and Supervise

Air Zapper brake bleeding tool has a small vacuum pump that continues the bleed while you monitor and fill the vehicle reservoir.

Clean Operation

Large 16 oz. fluid reservoir collects brake fluid as you bleed

Easy Set-up

Quick turn connections allow set-up in mere seconds.


Air Zapper motorcycle brake bleeding kit works great on cars, trucks, and motorcycles!

motorcycle brake bleeder kit

Amazingly Easy

Click the picture for a demo of how Air Zapper brake bleeder kit makes bleeding your brakes or even  a full fluid replacement a breeze

Air Zapper Vacuum Brake Bleeding Kit

motorcycle brake bleeding kit

Air Zapper Brake Bleeder Kit Includes:
-Vacuum pump
-Fluid holding tank
-Interconnecting tubing- connects the vacuum pump to the fluid holding tank and to your brake system.
-Vacuum Pump- 120 volts, 60 Hz, 2 Watts with an on/off switch in the electric cord. The plug is a USA/ Canada type plug, so adapters may be required in other countries.
-Max Vacuum Pressure- 100 in H2O,
-Pump- 3 Liters/ Min.
-Fluid holding tank- 16 ounces

  • motorcycle brake bleeder kit

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  • motorcycle brake bleeder kit

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  • motorcycle brake bleeder kit

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Air Zapper Vacuum Brake Bleeding Kit
Air Zapper Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit
Air Zapper Vacuum Bleeder Kit Fluid Tank
Air Zapper Vacuum Pump for bleeding brakes
Air Zapper Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit Bleed Screw Connector
Air Zapper Vacuum Pump Brake Bleeder Kit Fluid Tank with Tubing Connected
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brake bleeding kit

What Our Customers Say About Air Zapper

What Our Customers Say About Air Zapper

brake bleeding kit

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