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 Air Zapper Vacuum Bleeder Car Demo Video

Watch the vacuum bleeder demo and see. It's simple to bleed your brake or completely change the fluid!

Attach the vacuum bleeder connector to the bleeder screw using the supplied hose and adapters

Start the vacuum bleeder electric pump with the flip of a switch to build up vacuum pressure

Open the caliper bleeder screw to start the flow and watch Air Zapper begin to pull the air from the system. The hands-free operation allows you to refill the reservoir without stopping the bleed.

Remove air from your brake system after you replace pads or do a complete fluid change

Watch below to see how easy it is or watch on YouTube

Hand free brake bleeding

Works great on most vehicles including cars and motorcycles. Also good for bleeding hydraulic clutch lines as well as brake lines.

Check your vehicle service manual to make sure that vacuum bleeding is an acceptable method.

Finally, always follow the procedures specified for your vehicle.

Removing air from the line is an important part of brake maintenance. Periodic replenishment with fresh fluid makes sure your system stays clean and moisture free

These easy step will help ensure that you maintain the optimum stopping power under all driving conditions

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Vacuum Bleeder Car Demo